From the author


I thank the following persons from the bottom of my heart….

1. Smt. Raji Ram – a disciple of Sangeetha Kalanidhi Prof. Dr. S. Ramanathan-
( for editing and singing all the 50 songs in this blog)

2. Smt. Viji Viswam ( for rendering some of these songs along with Smt. Raji Ram)
I am very happy and proud to state that both of them are my own younger sisters

3. My creative and industrious daughter-in-law Mrs. Rupa Raman ( for designing and creating this lovely blog of 50 songs)

4. Smt. Uma Viswanathan – a Sanskrit Scholar ( for editing all the Sanskrit songs in this blog)

5. My sons Shankar and Raman ( for being the pillars of my strength and encouraging me in all my endeavors)

6. My husband Mr. C. S. V. Ramani ( for encouraging me in his own unique way)

7. All the viewers and readers who have come here to enjoy a simple, sweet and sincere musical feast!

Yours sincerely,

Visalakshi Ramani.